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Heating process experts


Industrial heating

and combustion process experts


Extensive experience in

in industrial heating (any fuel)


Project status available 24/7

by secure web connection


Discounted hourly rate

for traveling time approved fees


Industrial heating

Our team has extensive experience in industrial heating with any kind of fuels

We are the experts

We offer our clients real time project status available 24/7 by shared and secured web connection

Adapted hourly fees

We offer discounted hourly rates for travelling time and contractual pre approved fees

We can handle a lot of heat for you by providing custom tailored solutions at a reasonable rate

  • Steam, hot water and thermal fluid applications
  • Process heating and building heating (industrial and commercial)
  • Any fossil fuel , biomass, anaerobic and landfill biogas
  • CSA and CGA approval to comply with canadian regulation
  • Enclosed type flare with control system and CSA approval



Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4

Engineering project management

  • PMBOK oriented & cloud based
  • Project integration management
  • Time ( schedule) and budget management
  • Project risk management
  • Communication and Documentation management

Financial (budget) and performance analysis, energy audit

  • Return on investment evaluation
  • Annual operation and maintenance cost evaluation

Energy efficiency = opex cost reduction

Get the maximum efficiency from your equipment

Custom engineering and cad drawings

Equipment replacement, renovation or performance upgrade

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